Innovation Station

The Innovation Station is a platform to engage children and families in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) through innovative, hands-on learning experiences. It is a space where kids create, make, discover, investigate, and invent. The space gives kids a chance to apply problem-solving skills, test and revise their ideas, experiment, collaborate, and have fun.
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The Innovation Station consists of a science lab and a maker space. What is a maker space? The Maker Space allows children and families to use real tools and materials to design, make, tinker and create projects on their own. Kids can take stuff apart and learn the inner workings of machines, build and make cool things, and just experiment and explore.

Check out all the great activities happening in the Innovation Station. Visit our online home and follow along on our making adventure!

Physics Days

ISU Faculty, Dr. Jay Ansher and students will provide hands-on demonstrations, experiments and more on new topics each month!

  • Thursday, March 9: Light and Color
    Our eyes are the windows to our world, and the light that we see helps us make sense of what is around us. Come and explore light and color with the ISU Physics Club through hands-on activities. You'll see how light behaves, how a rainbow is formed, and meet the famous ROY G. BIV!
  • Thursday, April 6: Conservation of Energy
    Energy is one of the central ideas in science and has many different forms. Join ISU's Physics Club and discover how the Sun creates its heat and light, how energy is used in our bodies, and why energy does not really disappear when it's "gone.”
  • Thursday, May 4: Electricity
    How does the electricity from the power plant get to that outlet on your wall?  How is electric current related to the atom, and what is it MADE of??  On Physics Day at the CDM, with hands-on activities and demonstrations, you can explore the nature and behavior of electricity in a fun, safe, and *shocking* way!