The heart and soul of the Museum is our visitors and the quality of their experience. The exhibits were conceived with children and their open ended learning experience at the core. The Museum exhibits are a celebration of exploration and discovery – filled with innovative and richly layered cognitive experiences for toddlers through pre-teens. The Museum boasts over three floors of hands-on powerful play experiences that inspire the love of learning.

NEW Exhibit Grand Opening November 23! 
Mock Up of Exhibit
Join us for the Grand Opening of our newest exhibit- ImagineAir on November 23! 

Visitors experience AIR using all their senses of sight, sound & touch while experimenting with the cause & effect Phenomena of AIR. Young inventors discover Fluid Dynamics, Energy Conversion, Local Wind Energy technology while Inventing, Testing, Iterating & Playing.

You will be blown away by all there is to discover! Young learners will gain knowledge of air flow, power and energy by conducting entertaining experiments at floor to ceiling Air Mazes, an air cannon, and a Bernoulli Table. The highlight of ImagineAir will be a Wind Turbine build and test station where visitors will be able to construct and test various windmill designs. This testing ground for turbine creation teaches the nitty-gritty of how the windmills work and create energy. Through hands-on experimentation and scaled down models that invoke the real world, regional innovation in renewable energy becomes tangible to museum visitors.

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