Daily Dose of Play

Daily Dose of Play, Don't forget the Power of Play on e-Learning days
Instant Ice 

Join Ms. Rachel and her kids as they try an activity we use at UNITY Community Center. Even if their experiment didn’t work exactly they way they planned, maybe yours will. Try it at your house and show us the results.

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Build a Bunny House

Grab your favorite stuffed animal bunny, lamb, or baby chick and your blocks then build your animal a home! As your child builds, you can break out the ruler or tape measure and practice measuring their structure.

Although preschoolers may not have used a ruler before, showing them how to use it will help develop their confidence in measurement skills when they get older. Block play is a great way to build upon all kinds of learning and development skills including use of imagination, learning how to balance, problem solving, creating a design, and so much more!

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Bunny House
Easter Egg Chalk Activity  

This is a twist on using your sidewalk chalk! Materials needed are: paper, making tape, sidewalk chalk, and a bowl of water. Trace an egg on paper and then place masking tape over it in various directions. Have your child dip their sidewalk chalk into water and then color over the egg with it. Once it is dry, carefully pull of the tape off to reveal your design!

Using art materials strengthens your child’s fine motor skills and great opportunity to work on their communication skills by asking them to tell you about the colors they used and how they made their piece of art!

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Chalk Egg Art
Egg Sink or Float
Sink an Egg

Grab your plastic eggs and other materials around the house that will fit in the egg. Ideas for materials could include cotton balls, marbles, pennies, or anything else that you can think of! Fill each egg with one type of item and have your children hold the eggs one at a time. Have them compare the eggs, use words like “heavy” and “light” and predict if they will sink or if they will float. Then, have them test each egg to see what happens.

Once all items have been tested, you can discuss why your child thinks some would float and some would sink. Compare your results with your predictions. Simple experiments and discussions are part of your child learning about the steps on scientific method!

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Shaving Cream Egg Art 

Use shaving cream and food coloring to decorate a real or paper egg! 

Step 1:  Add a nice layer of shaving cream to a plate or cookie sheet.

Step 2:  Drop dots of food coloring on top of the shaving cream. 

Step 3:  Gently swirl the colors around in a fun design using a toothpick, straw or spoon.  Don’t over mix!  You just want to move the colors around in a design.

Step 4:  Lay a piece of heavy white paper or cardstock on top of the shaving cream and gently rub your fingers across the paper so that the design transfers from the shaving cream to the paper. 

Step 5:  Carefully lift the paper from the shaving cream.  Using a squeegee or flat piece of cardboard, scrap the extra shaving cream from the paper.  Your design will now be transferred to the paper.

Step 6:  Cut the paper into an egg shape.  Now it is ready to hang!

This same process can be done on a hard-boiled egg.  Roll the egg around in the shaving cream design to completely coat the egg.  Let the egg sit for 15 minutes for the design to dry.  Gently wipe off the excess shaving cream with a paper towel.

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Rainbow shaving cream