Family STEAM Challenges

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STEAM Challenge Workshops offer parents and children an opportunity to engage in hands-on STEAM based learning and exploration together. Each program consists of instructor led discussion of STEAM principles and various STEAM challenges that parent/child pairs will work together to solve! 

Participants are required to wear a mask for the entirety of the program. Classes will be limited to 5 adult/student pairs. Each program will need a minimum of 2 adult/student pairs to run. Programs are designed for a child and a caregiver to attend and enjoy making something together

Children in grades K-5 and adult
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Cost: $36 Members / Museums for All
          $41 Non-Members

Date  Theme Description 
Oct. 15 Spider Web Engineering Challenge Build your own spider web (out of yarn, string, etc). The challenge is to determine which materials and which “web structure” will result in the strongest web (ie can carry the most weight) and can capture the most prey in a given time frame. 
Nov. 19 Build a Bridge Challenge  Learn about the different types of bridges that exist and for what purposes. Build your own bridge using hydraulics technology! 
Dec. 17 Coding Challenge Computer science education week Learn basics of coding and binary, explore conductivity with a Makey Makey creating your own video game controller or electric instrument.