Children’s Discovery Museum


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Boggs, Abby Office Associate 309-433-3455  
Gonzalez, Josselyn Innovation Station Supervisor 309-433-3446  
Kern , Sammi Development Coordinator 309-433-3402  
Carpenter, Rachel Education Manager 309-433-3449  
Dolan , John Exhibit Manager 309-433-3461  
Hanover, Shelly Director of Museum Experiences and Engagement 309-433-3453  
Rainey, Leah Communications Specialist 309-454-9595  
Pitzer, Amy Volunteer and Events Coordinator 309-433-3448  
Raisbeck, Jenny Programming Staff 309-433-3450  
Ratliff, Rachel Art Studio 309-433-3451  
Whisman, Beth Executive Director of Cultural Arts 309-433-3447  
Wiese-Reichert, Erin Early Childhood Educator 309-433-3452