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Party Room Request

  1. For Birthday Parties and More!

    Our second-floor party rooms are available for 90-minute reservations to host birthday parties and other group events.

    (Note: For best chances of availability, we recommend submitting your request at least six weeks in advance of your desired party date!)

    For complete details and pricing, CLICK HERE.

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  3. My preferred party date is a...*

    Choose Saturday or Sunday.

  4. Note: party room reservations are available on Saturdays and Sundays only. We recommend submitting your request at least six weeks in advance for best chances of availability!

  5. Note: in case your preferred date or time is not available, you may enter a second choice here.

  6. Acknowledgement

    I understand that this submission is a REQUEST only, and does not guarantee a Party Room reservation.

    I understand that a Museum staff member will follow up with me within a few business days to confirm my reservation or discuss alternatives if my desired date is not available.

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  8. Next Steps

    Thank you for your interest in our Party Rooms!

    Upon receipt of your request, a staff member will get in touch with you to confirm your reservation and collect payment.

    (Please note that Party Room reservations are only processed during regular Museum hours on Thursdays through Sundays due to staff scheduling. Depending on when your request is submitted, it may take us a few days to follow up. Thank you for your patience and understanding!)

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